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Could these symptoms be associated with stopping Prednisone? He cannot provide any reason as to why he feels this way. This limits the production of factors necessary to initiate and continue the inflammatory response.

Answer: Steroids can produce a wide variety of psychological changes. It may be that drugs like Fosamax used during treatment with Prednisone will also help. I am 74 years of age and find this condition very incapacitating for the low back pain. I am currently on chemotherapy for breast cancer and receiving CMF.

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That is cause cataracts, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, etc. I have finally reached a maintenance dose of 5 mg and trying desperately to wean myself off it. Question: I am currently using prednisone for sinusitis due to allergies.

I have been taking desensitization shots for three years, but this hasn’t helped the sinusitis. Like most steroid side effects it depends on the dosage and the length of time. Do you think this will have any kind of long term effect on me? The third day of withdrawal my symptoms were nausea, headaches, and panic. An occasional patient will become psychotic on these drugs.

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Question: Does Prednisone have any indications that it will promote the spread of the disease. Question: I’m taking prednisone for polymyositis 20 mg plus Anti-depressants depakote and effexor. I suppose this condition amounts to osteoporosisor a form of it. Is it hard to get off of it afterwards? Can I do anything to speed the process?

As to the specifics of your problem, it would be hard to say without examining the problem. You can block some of the osteoporosis with drugs like Fosamax and Miacalcin, the other side effects will be present and will be dose and duration dependent. An individual patient is always advised to consult their own physician. Answer: Why were you taking Prednisone in the first place? There currently is research ongoing with Fosamax and nasal calcitonin, but it is not yet available.

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Answer: This is not due to the steroids that you were taking unless you had previously taken larger doses for longer periods of time. I am taking only 6 mg of prednisone I have been up to 35 mg when I was in more pain. Question: I am aware of most of the side effects from prednisone, having been on it for nearly 10 years. Since she was on 100 mg, there have been noticeable personality changes, usually evident in mood swings, and generally being unpleasant, combative and obsessive.

Prednisone is about 4-5 times as potent milligram for milligram as cortisol. 2 months ago I was given a prescription of prednisone, 60mg 5 days, 40mg 5 days, 20 mg 5 days. Answer: Multiple doses of steroids are more effective, but also will suppress your adrenal gland more effectively. Question: What are the side-effects of prednisone? Question: I would like to have some information by one of the doctors who answers the questions.

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It is variable and seems dosage dependent. Have your doctor perform an ACTH stimulation to see if they’re working. Question: Could you please explain if there is a difference between prednisone, decadron, and dexamethasone? Click to Health Info and Health News for the latest in healthcare developments. Question: I have been taking 5 mg prednisone per day for about a year.

I have pain in my feet, knees, and hips when I first stand up, but I can walk a mile OK. Answer: From your description, it sounds like you presented to your physician with shoulder and neck pain or irritation. Will fewer doses help keep the adrenal glands working?

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Question: I have had a reaction to Prednisone, which include muscle weakness, swelling in my face and shoulders, rash, headaches, loss of sleep and swelling of my tongue. Answer: Overdose can be for either one day or several days. Since then I’ve experienced all side effects.

Is there any information on how fast eye problems progress? Look on the Manufacturer Info page to link to pharmaceutical company pages. My father was treated for a severe bronchial infection with prednisone for 1 month at the maximum dosage allowable.

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She has started having headaches and says the pain is around her eyes and back of head. In fact, it will depend a lot on how your individual disease responds. In the last few years, we have started adding calcium and vitamin D while patients are on prednisone to avoid this problem. If they don’t go in a week, see your physician. When I did get to sleep I had nightmares and woke up soaking wet. What are the long term affects of this dosage?

Send your impressions, comments, thoughts, etc. Question: Is there certain foods that could cause some reaction to this medication. But, there are other alternatives to MS, interferon etc. Answer: They will still work, but potentially modified by the psychological effects that prednisone has on some patients.

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It is dose and time dependent. Since then I’ve used other medications successfully. In general, these act to accelerate the aging process.

Side effects depend on dosage and length of time taken and generally are equivalent to early aging: cataracts, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, muscle weakness, etc. I read says abrupt stopping of prednisone can have serious side effects, including death. I take it for a sex hormone deficiency. There would be little problem with the pregnancy at the dosage you were taking. In addition, there is a suppressive effect on the immune system.

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Over three months would depend on your age and the steroid dosage, but most would have some sort of taper at that point. We try to minimize the length and dose due to this problem. I am in a depression as well. She has been taking prednisone for close to three months now, began at 60 mg and is tapering down over the next 9 weeks. Use of steroids for a short period each year– say two to three weeks might be warranted, but long term use is not. Answer: Unfortunately not at this time.

Answer: This drug should be avoided if there is any other treatment option available. Question: I am a 24 year old mother of a 5 month old son, and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I am interested in the long term side effects,dosages etc.

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Are there any substitutes for the drug with less side-effects? I also have depression and have taken effexor depakote. My doctor said this was the only one.

He is about 2 yrs old. These comments are made for the purpose of discussion and should NOT be used as recommendations for or against therapies or other treatments. Answer:  Steroids clearly cause mental status changes in some patients. It would not impair your ability to either get pregnant or remain pregnant. Side effects at this dose should be fairly minimal, especially with your specialized problem. However, there is no other treatment and this can be a fatal disease.