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Anyway, he has a good way of telling me everything’s gonna be cool while compare stories of our last visits to the mittened-state. I hope it is the preds and not something else. Cloak291 – Hi Hopeful3 – I have come down to 0.

The pictures in the right column were taken today, Saturday, April 19th, 2008. It’s been about 8 days since my last progress report. I have had Bell’s Palsy since February 4th of this year and making slow progress.

I can’t wait until I can eat a big messy slice of pizza again. The doctors have been no help. We’re just a few weeks away from daily triple-digits! I can blink but it requires thought.

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If you look at the scale too frequently it can be a de-motivator. I’m almost at month 4, as I was diagnosed on Dec. It’s been really helpful when I’ve needed to let my eye rest and to keep wind and dust out of my eye. Comparing the April 12th, May 10th and today’s pictures, there is definitely marked improvement. I was diagnosed on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 with Bell’s Palsy. I’m so happy you documented all of this!

Because of my recent improvement, I started to return to my normal work habits this week. Cloak291 – Ewolust – Thanks for the reply. The remains of my Bell’s Palsy. I started off at 8 pills a day and am down to 4. My goal is to take the same series of pictures throughout the recovery process.

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That treatment helped me immensely- It is a small little stimulation like a Dr. Now they say its not from prednisone. I took my first dose at the hospital, and my second dose within the next 24 hour period.

I’m not going to analyze them too much. I honestly am self conscious about the way I talk and drink. Progress Pictures My most recent pictures were taken a few days ago. What surprises me about your experience is how you were able to push on with your daily life.

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If you’re someplace where it’s cold right now, don’t be too jealous. Hoping I get my smile back . Bama42 – At the end of February, I suddenly came down with a HORRIBLE allergic rash after taking amoxicillin. I’ve read your post a few times now.

So I am kind of surprised that in US pred is give even for bronchitis. The appointment with regular doctor is Monday morning and we’ll see what he recommends. The twitches are a really good thing. I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma a year ago. In the last week, with the way my mouth was, or rather, wasn’t working, I haven’t really felt like singing a note.

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I stopped 3 days ago and I feel awful. While using it I was a bit like a duracell bunny, couldn’t sleep or relax and swollen. My head and the area behind my ear are still aching on and off. I have back is to the.

Thank you so much for your replies. I have ITP, severe dros in platelet count nobody knows why, nyway, I spoke to my dr today and she told me that all described terrible side effects which I am eperiencing as wel can last a month up to six months. I was placed on a long taper.

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Makes me have more hope, as I am a very impatient person! How many mg of Prednisone were you on? Who would have thought wrinkles were a good thing? This was one of those weeks that had a lot going on. The real problem is the fatigued adrenal and what to do about it.

I was diagnosed on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 with Bell’s Palsy, a paralysis of the facial nerve. I am also experiencing some depression now, maybe due to the length of this whole ordeal. I’m currently suffering from Bell’s, and it’s been a very frustrating process of healing. I never sleep as good as I do on Prednisone.

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When I first got to the ER, it was as high as yours, so they gave me additional BP meds. So you think I’d be dying to wear this cool pirate-looking thing out in public, right? I really should have looked up the side effects but for some reason I trusted the doctor. In many cases, they are unsure of what to expect and scared, the same as I was a few weeks ago. It speaks to the psychosis, who gets it, at what doses and durations of steroid use, and the washout times.

Because I’ve got complete paralysis on the right side I’m still looking at several weeks. This is when I start to get a little scared. I am not quite sure about how long your side effects will last.

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How did you keep going on a daily basis? I am doing fine on it. You may never know how much your blog will help others.

Today is a big milestone though. Day 3 About the same as yesterday. Finished triple therapy Jan 28, 13. I have had an anxiety disorder since Feb. All I could do was suck it up and work through it. I am finally at 10mg of prednisone a day, Dr says my body makes 7.

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I go to work, and as you can probably guess, I’m pretty self-conscious about how I look. My anxiety was so debilitating that I could barely approach the check out to pay for items without spiraling into a mini-panic attack. Day 8, BPP-5: Karaoke Commuting and a Progress Report Last modified on 2010-04-18 17:29:36 GMT. Thanks very much for sharing your experience.

It only takes a little planning and usually ends up being healthier, more cost-effective and satisfying anyway. Did you try any alternative therapies such as acupuncture? Laurababylon – Hi Clo, did you read the other comments? When I came across your blog the the nagging headaches, neck pain, and depression had set in.

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I have started to get a little movement back in my forehead on that side, but not much. I’m still deciding how often to post progress pictures but probably not daily. Lostrisss – Hello everybody, I jsut read your messages and i am quite shocked. That’s one thing that I think is most important. He said I should take 10mg that day and again the next to help taper.

Thank you for posting this, David! This has been really comforting to read. He does some other tests to eliminate a possible stroke or other condition.